Diane Rodich Sales & Training

References/Success Stories

A complete list of references is available upon request. The following is a sample of comments from satisfied clients and students.

"My name is Sue Haggerty and I live on Long Island, NY and have ridden since I was ten years old. I purchased my first horse at age 48 which was a life time dream of mine. I bought Bijou, a 5 year old Dutch warmblood mare (shown at training level and training at first level) in 2011 from a reputable facility with the guidance of a trainer and was on top of the world. Within 6 months, my “fun filled, exciting midlife project of owning and training my own horse” was falling apart with less and less successful rides and a rearing behavior that appeared-my worst nightmare. At this time (Dec. 2011) I found Diane Rodich’s website online and sent her an email regarding my situation and what advice she could give me never having met me or my horse. Diane, who was located in New Jersey at the time, responded with a lengthy email giving me suggestions and even offered to come to my barn and assist in assessing my mare if need be. I decided to stick it out but after another year of non successful rides, front feet soreness issues and suggested time off by a vet, the rearing behavior increased. As a Mom and a wife first, I then made the heart breaking decision to sell my horse due to safety reasons. It was January, 2013 and I contacted Diane again and asked if she would be willing to take my horse and sell her. Diane was heading to Ocala at that time and was willing to take my horse with her. She was extremely helpful and patient with shipping arrangements and all necessary instructions since just as I had never owned my own horse, I had never sold a horse. This made me feel very comfortable as Diane answered all my questions-and there were lots of them with numerous phone calls. In Florida, Diane along with the initial help of a colleague, assessed my mare, addressed the rearing behavior which did occur, nipped it and continued her training quite successfully from January, 2013 to May 2013. My husband and I went down to Ocala to visit and observed my horse was very well cared for in the barn and ridden beautifully by Diane. For the first time I could see my horse looked relaxed, happy and understood as she began to display her hidden talents. This was the first time I had met Diane in person and I felt like I had known her for a lifetime. She was very easy to speak to, very respectful, calm and professional. After turning down a few very low purchasing offers, Diane and my horse returned to Quakerstown PA. in May, 2013. At this time, Diane was very pleasantly surprised by my horse’s training progress and due to her extremely gentle and sweet disposition asked if I would consider keeping her. After a great deal of thought I decided to try riding my mare again. From May through August I traveled from Long Island to PA once a week, took a lesson on the day of my arrival, stayed overnight and rode again the following morning. I couldn’t believe the information I received from Diane regarding my position and her gentle, respectful training philosophy that has proven successful for all horses she has worked with. Diane has an incredible ability to not only tell a rider what not to do but what to do and how to do it. I believe it is truly a gift that all trainers aspire to have but all don’t achieve. Once you experience working with such a trainer -you will understand what I mean. After many successful rides throughout May, June and July, I decided to bring my mare home for a second chance! Diane recommended I give it a try from August, 2013 till January, 2014 and then send my horse with her to Ocala in the winter again for further training if all was good or to sell her if it proved not to be a good match. I was very excited and nervous at the same time wondering if I had made the right decision. Having Diane’s support and knowing I had someone I trusted to fall back on was providing me with the reassurance I needed to go forward and be successful. From August, 2013 through January, 2014 Diane came to Long Island approximately once or twice a month to school my horse and/ or give me a lesson and check in with my horse’s progress. I would at times call Diane daily after my rides describing the good and the not so good and Diane would always listen attentively, never rush me and always gave me great positional advice which was usually the cause of any issues I may have been experiencing such as canter lead swapping or falling out with her outside shoulders. The rearing behavior has never reoccurred nor has there ever been any hint of it. My horse has been very well behaved and is very eager to please as long as she is asked correctly which I love-it makes her a great teacher and demands I step up my game!

I am now getting ready to send my horse to Florida with Diane again as we had previously planned. When my horse returns she will be an eight year old solid 4th level school master who I look forward to learning from and having fun with as we grow old together and experience the rest of our journey together. I feel blessed that I have been given this second chance with my mare and I have Diane Rodich to thank for it all. She has been an enthusiastic, professional, respectful, knowledgeable, realistic, trustworthy trainer throughout this two and a half year period of horse ownership which has been quite an eye opener for me-some positive and some not so positive unfortunately. I would highly recommend Diane for training, selling or guiding in the purchasing of an appropriate horse for you. You too can experience a Horse Story with a happy and successful ending! Good Luck!"
- Sue Haggerty

"For serious students of dressage, Diane is an exceptional teacher for both the horse and rider. Using a very classical, systematic and methodical bio-mechanical approach, Diane provides extremely clear and specific instruction which has enabled me to make a very significant amount of progress in a very short amount of time. (I have been working with Diane 3 times per week for 3 months, to date.) Much of Diane’s instruction is to train the rider and the horse mentally, so that the rider’s aids are very light and the expectations of the horse are very clear. Of course, this goal requires that the rider’s position and coordination are a key factor. She is very clear in her explanations of the movements of the horse and the aids for the rider. Personally, Diane is consistently pleasant, positive, thoughtful and professional. With a quiet and poised demeanor, she instills confidence. She is very fair-minded, honest, and tactful with both horse and rider. My very sensitive, intelligent and highly opinionated horse loves Diane and is now happier, more supple, and more willing than he has ever been in his work. I would strongly recommend Diane without reservation to anyone who is serious about truly learning. I would be happy to share my experiences with you; please feel free to phone me."
- Ellen K. Nose (610) 346-1968

"I would recommend Diane to anyone who is looking to train and/or sell their dressage horse. Aside from being a good rider, she is professional, meticulous and cares about the horse. Diane was a big help with veterinary issues (my horse was diagnosed with Lymes Disease when in training with Diane) as well with the negotiations of the sale and afterwards the logistics of transport to his new home. Diane was in constant communication with me and demonstrated her care and concern for both horse and owner which was very much appreciated. Cindy"
- Cindy Stys, Equestrian & Country Properties, Ltd.

"I had just moved my horse to a new barn after spending 2 years recovering from a serious riding accident. Each step of our recovery was an important one, bringing us to where we were in the fall of 2012. I am not a beginning rider, although I had only been riding for a little over 10 years. I initially listened and watched a portion of Diane’s lesson and then was formally introduced. Being an educator myself I liked what I had saw and heard. The decision to begin lessoning with Diane was yet another step and little did I know how our lives would be changed.

Diane is professional and treats each of her students with respect. She creates lessons that allow her students to build upon their skills and train their horses to excel as well. In addition to her many attributes is her ability to listen and communicate. Her positive attitude is refreshing and allows students to feel good about themselves and their riding partner. Each week I look forward to my lesson and confidently know that I will be challenged and find a level of success and have fun doing so."
- Deborah Repsher, Retired Health & Physical Educator (32 years) / Coach

Thank you so much for your expertise and patience in dealing with Carmen and me. Little by little, she is becoming a horse I can ride. Don't know what I would do without you."
- Laura Happ

"Hi Diane:
Cindy & I want to express our sincere appreciation for all of your help in our sarch for a new horse. Echo V is a fabulous individual and we're looking forward to a successful future with him. If you're ever out in California, please look us up. Best, Eileen & Cindy"
- Eileen Siejas

"Hi Diane:
Just wanted to give you an update on Lloyd. Everything is very good with him - he is becoming more spoiled as the days go on. I have moved him to a new barn. ANYWAY - he has a new trainer, I think he will be very good for Lloyd. Of course, he really enjoys riding him and I have come to realize that it is not my shining personality that has drawn trainers to me. But I did want you to know that my trainer said it is clear that Lloyd "tones" down himself for me - to protect me - yet he gives my trainer his all. And that Lloyd likes to work. I think that, as someone who imported him, that you would want to know that.
You must be in Florida by now - but if you are in the Chicago area you are invited to visit at any time. Happy show season!"
- Patricia McVary

"Hello Diane,
Thank you for all you have done for Niko and I. I will definitely, highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell. It has been a pleasure.
Thanks again ~ Peggy"
- Peggy Polessini

"Hello Diane,
I've been wanting to send you a quick note for some time now to thank you for my wonderful new partner, Koraal. He is just about perfect for me and we are learning a lot. Koraal is patient, tolerant, and trustworthy. There is so little honesty in the equine business, that I thought you might appreciate the recognition. Thank you again, and we will keep you posted, once the show season begins."
- Lissa Soffer and Koraal

"My experience buying Kasper V from Diane Rodich was an extremely positive one. From the first trial ride through the final vetting and shipment to my barn, Diane was extremely helpful and accommodating. Through the entire process, she always stuck to her word and always followed through with any promises or commitments she made. She was open and forthcoming regarding her impressions of the horse. The most important criteria that my trainer and I communicated to Diane was that the horse must have a quiet demeanor. Diane had many horses for me to choose from, but recommended Kasper mainly because of his 'safety factor' and rideability by an amateur. He has turned out to be exactly as she described and has been a phenominal horse from which I can learn the finer points of dressage. I have learned so much on him in the past year, and I now feel confident to be able to enter a Second Level test whereas prior to owning him, I was stuck at Training Level for many years! I am excited to try to work with Diane in the future for Kasper's Grand Prix training of passage and piaffe. Thanks Diane."
- Leslie Favichia

"Hi Diane!
I just wanted to send you a picture of Lloyd from one of our shows. I competed him at Prix.St.Georges in 2005. He qualified for the region 8 Championships and received over 63% in the open Championship class! Not bad for his first show season here. His owner, Deborah, will probably show him this year. He is such a wonderful horse. He is very safe and talented. He is schooling everything in the Grand Prix now. Everyone loves him!!! I always tell people to contact you if they are looking for a horse to buy. Thanks for everything."
- Regina Galoppi, USDF Gold Medalist