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Sold Horses

The horses on this page are a few of the many that we have imported from Europe or sold for our clients in the United States.
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Hannoverian Gelding
16.2 hh., 16 yrs. old.
Trained through Inter 1. Super easy to ride,
Fantastic, willing temperament.
SOLD to Colleen O'Dea in August, 2017


Imported Hannoverian Gelding
8 years old, 17 hh., Bay
Absolutely beautiful horse! Lovely mover with three very good gaits. Definite FEI potential.
Shown through second level dressage with scores in 70, and schooled through third level.
SOLD to Darren Chiacchia in January, 2015


Lusitano Gelding
16.3 hh. Bay
Warmblook looks and movement
Schooling Second and third level
SOLD to Sibley Hannigan of Littleton, Massachusetts in May, 2014


Imported Oldenburg Mare
10 yrs. 16.3 hh. Chestnut
Beautiful Mare schooling third level dressage.
Super horse with fantastic temperament.
SOLD TO Helga Schroeder of Alpharetta, GA in April, 2014


Imported German Riding Pony
9 yr. gelding., 15 hh.
Super attractive gelding, schooling third level.
Super temperment, very tolerant, comfortable and easy to ride..
SOLD TO Pam Powers of Charleston, SC in March, 2013


Imported Oldenburg Gelding by Weltmeyer
Dark Bay, 15 yrs, 16.2 hh
Williams is a an attractive uphill gelding who is schooling third level
with changes. Williams is sound and has had a recent clean vetting. He has no vices, and is pleasant to work with in the barn.
SOLD TO Tracey Frankenfield of Cocoa Beach, FL in October, 2012


Oldenburg Gelding
By Sure Hit/Sandro Hit
17.1+ hh., Bay, 7 years old.
Attractive, uphill gelding schooling third level.
He is very comfortable to ride, &i is easy to put 'on the bit.'
SOLD to Kathryn Crowley of Oldwick, NJ in August, 2012


Imported German Trakhener Gelding
7 yrs., 16.1 hh, Black
Sarotti has show experience in Europe and is currently schooling
third and fourth level dressage. He is extremely
comfortable to ride, and is very easy to put on the bit.
SOLD June, 2011

Universo de Bosque

Imported Lusitano Gelding, 9 yrs., 15 hh. Silver Gray
Shown successfully thru Third Level in Unitd States.
Appropriate for any type of rider. Comfortable, light and very correct.
Fantatstic work ethic, great temperment, hacks.
SOLD to Sue Weakly of Oxford, Mississippi in June, 2010.

Utinga Interago

Imported Lusitano Mare, 9 yrs, 15.3 hh Bay
Lovely mare, extremely easy to ride, solid second level,
schooling third. Comfortable, born on the bit, forward thinking.
Fantastic temperment, hacks, & takes care of her rider.
SOLD TO: Denise Hoffman of Port Jefferson, NY in June, 2010


Imported Dutch Gelding
13 yrs. 16.1 hh. Bay
Owen was imported from Holland several years ago, and
has since been been shown in the US thru PSG. He is great
to trail ride and take to shows. No vices, recent xrays, and is sound.
SOLD TO Kelly Mize of St. Petersburg, Florida in April, 2009.


By Hamilton
Westphalean Gelding, 12 yrs, 17.1 hh., Bay
Shown thru third level dressage, schools more. Super temperment, disposition, and character.
Very good gaits, super quality horse, easy to ride.
SOLD to Margaret Moore of Bloomington, Illinois in October, 2009


KWPN Gelding, 14 yrs. old, 17 hh.
Shown thru PSG & evented thru training level with many year end awards. Extremely fun to ride. Easy flying changes.
SOLD TO: Katie Dymek of Illinois in March, 2009

Don Deluxe

Hannoverian Gelding, 10 years, 16.2 hh. Chestnut
Donateli (Donnerhall) x Weltmeyer
Super Horse! Has it all---fantastic disposition, rideability, temperment, and training. Schooling PSG/I-1. Very easy flying changes. Super talent for piaffe which is well-started.
SOLD TO: Carla Moss of Chapel Hill, North Carolina in February, 2009


Oldenburg/Arabian Gelding, 7 years, 14.2 hh. Bay.
Armani has been shown training level dressage and is
schooling first and second levels. Very light and comfortable
to ride. Armani is great to work around and has no vices.
SOLD TO Patricia Lyons of Palo Alto, California in November, 2008.


Dutch (KWPN) gelding, imported
13 years, 16.2 hh Black.
Niko has been shown extensively through third level over the past four years. His amateur owner obtained her USDF bronze medal with Niko, and Niko also received various awards and rankings with the USDF and KWPN Association. Niko has a FANTASTIC temperment. He is appropriate for anyone to ride. He is comfortable and easy to put on the bit.
SOLD TO Mary of Marz of Farmington, NJ in October, 2008


Dutch Gelding,
17 hh., 16 yrs. Black
Kanan has been successfully been shown thru third level,, and is a wonderful lower level schoolmaster. "Born on the bit," Kanan is easy to ride and can teach anyone the basics. He is appropriate for any type of rider. He has always been sound, is very easy going in the barn, turns out, and also hacks.
SOLD TO Diane Wojtkun of Caimbridge NY in September, 2008


Dutch (KWPN) gelding, 11 yrs., 17 hh., Bay. Schooling PSG with well-started piaffe. Shown 3rd level in 2007, 68+% average, ranked 9th place in Horse of Year standings. Easy flying changes, talent for piaffe & passage (piaffe well-started). Extremely comfortable and light to ride, super disposition & work ethic. Suitable for amateur, young rider or professional.
SOLD TO Germany in April, 2008


Imported Hannoverian Gelding by Davignon
14 yrs (in 2008)., 16.2 hh., Chestnut
Excellent quality competitive schoolmaster to learn on and compete. Very attractive type with three very good gaits. Does all movements thru PSG/I-1, including some piaffe, passage and one-tempis.
SOLD to Kaye Triplett of Columbus, Ohio in April, 2008


German Riding Pony, Imported, 14.1 hh. Gelding
Monty is a beautiful flashy pony with super gaits. He has a great temperment, and a good work ethic. He is currently schooling first and second level dressage, and will also jump a small course and swap his leads. Suitable for almost any rider. No vices and is good to hack.
SOLD to Joanne Patterson of Houston, Texas in March, 2008.

Nuitz St. George

Dutch (KWPN) gelding, 16.3 hh., bay. 12 yrs.
Shown PSG/Intermediarre I at CDI's in Germany.
A Super quality horse with rideability and temperment to die for. Comfortable to sit, he knows his job well.
SOLD TO Anne Cook of Wellington, Florida in November, 2007.

Time Out

Gribaldi X Ferro
Dutch (KWPN) gelding, 16.1 hh., bay.
Absolutely GEORGEOUS horse! Great temperment, lovely mover, three very good gaits. Comfortable to sit, very light to ride, "born on the bit." Shown first level with scores in the 70%. Schooling second/third level.
SOLD TO Erika Frouman-Smith of Long Island, NY in August, 2007.


Dutch Gelding by Inspektor, 9 years, 16.1+ bay.
Schools third and fourth levels. Has shown succesfully through third level. He is good with his lateral work and has easy flying changes, and does tempi's down to two's! Good disposition and attitude, hacks well. Super sweet and personable. Fun to ride. No vices. Recent x-rays. Suitable for an amateur. Owner must sell due to illness.
SOLD TO Jackie Pope of Pennsylvania in August, 2007


Dutch Gelding by Cabachon, 13 years, 16.1 hh. Dark Brown/Bay. Trained and shown thru Prix St. George, Mick is suitable as either a schoolmaster for any amateur of any level. Mick has competed at Devon twice and has won many regional awards. He is an absoultely gorgeous horse with an extremely sweet disposition. He is VERY light to ride, and extremely comfortable to sit to. Easy flying changes. He is good to trail ride, and hacks on the buckle.
SOLD TO Diane Redlich of Whitehouse Station, NJ June 2007


Dutch Gelding by Idocus, 5 years, 16.3 hh. chestnut.
Shown in 2006 with many wins in both four year old classes
and training level (75%). Very attractive and comfortable to ride.
Easy to work around, not spooky, great to hack. Though Vendome is
young, his quiet temperment makes him suitable for a professional or amateur.
SOLD to Karen Borden of Lambertville, New Jersey in May, 2007.


By Taxateur
Dutch gelding, 7 yrs., 16 hh. Chestnut.
2005 Horse of Year rankings, shown First level in Wellington, FL in 2006
with scores thru 72%. Schooling third level, changes confirmed.
Light & comfortable to ride, 'born on the bit.' Extremely forgiving. Loves to work, great to hack. Super personality. Suitable for amateur.
SOLD to Jean Cavanaugh of Long Island, NY in January, 2007.

Viktor Z

By Voltaire
Imported Zangersheide gelding, 7 yrs., 16.2 hh. Bay
Schooling third level, easy confirmed flying changes.
Comfortable and light to ride, a pleasure to have in the barn.
SOLD to Mary Kaye Ouvry of Milford, Michigan in December, 2006.

Wild Mexican

Gribaldi X Krack C
Dutch (KWPN) Stallion, 3 yrs., 16.1 hh. Black
Super Young Stallion! Excellent gaits, very athletic, talent to go all the way.
Great mind and disposition. Everything is easy for this horse.
Absolutely gorgeous to look at. Going well under saddle.
SOLD to Judy Cardella of Coltsneck, New Jersey in August, 2006.

Royal Dancer

By Montecristo
Imported Dutch Gelding, 8 yrs. 16.2 hh. Bay
Third level, schooling more, natural talent for
piaffe & passage. Shown in the US with scores thru 72%.
SOLD to Wick Hodgkiss of Ammageset, NY in April 2006


Dutch Cross Warmblood Stallion by Roemer.
Chestnut, 15 yrs., 16.3 hh. Shown thru PSG & Intermediare I
w/ scores thru 69%. Champion Stallion at ISR stallion testing
in 2001 at Hilltop Farm. Super temperament & work ethic.
Appropriate for amateur. Proven breeding stallion -
offspring have won numerous national awards.
LEASED/SOLD to Liz Bianco of Long Island, NY in April, 2006.


Imported Dutch Mare, 11 yrs. 16.2 hh. Bay.
Shown successfully thru fourth level dressage.
SOLD to Nancy Brenchman of Boulder, Colorado in March, 2006.


By Don Piero
Imported Hannoverian Gelding, 4 yrs., 16 hh., Chestnut.
SOLD to Emily Covington of Maryland in January of 2006.

Lloyd 26

Imported Dutch gelding, 13 years, 16.3 hh. Bay.
Trained thru Prix St. George with super piaffe/passage.
SOLD to Janelle Scherman of Whitehouse Station, NJ in December, 2005.


Imported Belgian Gelding, 13 yrs. 16.2 hh. Dark Bay.
Shown thru PSG/Intermediare I in Europe. Suitable for amateur.
SOLD to Lissa Soffer of Cream Ridge, New Jersey in September 2005


Imported Dutch (KWPN) Gelding, 10 yrs. 17.1 hh. Chestnut
Trained thru third level. Super fun temperment, easy to ride, hacks.
SOLD to Debbie Hyland of Marleton, NJ in September, 2005.

Captain Luis

Imported Rhinelander Gelding, 7 yrs., 17 hh., Chestnut.
Shown third level in Germany with many wins. Schooling more.
SOLD to Sally Bailey of New York, NY in July 2005.

Quantchen Gluck

By Quando-Quando
Imported Brandburg gelding, 6 yrs. 16.2 hh. Chestnut.
Schooling third level. Light, easy & comfortable to ride.
SOLD to Mark Lemars of Ontario, Canada in June of 2005.


By Florestan
Imported Westphalean Gelding, 16.3 hh., Bay
Schooling third level, super temperment and work ethic.
SOLD to Katie Byrne/Ever After farm of Chester, NJ in May of 2005

Kasper V

Imported Dutch (KWPN) Gelding, 13 yrs., 16.3 hh. Bay.
Shown & trained in Europe thru PSG w/ Piaffe & passage.
SOLD to Leslie Favicchia of East Meadow, NY in April of 2005.

Master Don

By Donnerhall
Imported Dutch (KWPN) Gelding, 11 yrs. 16.1 hh. Liver Chestnut
Shown thru Prix St. George in Europe, super amateur horse.
SOLD to Nancy Fischman of Connecticut in March, 2005.


Imported Dutch (KWPN) Gelding, 10 yrs., 16 hh. Dark Bay.
Shown successfully thru Fourth level in Europe.
SOLD to Wendy Curan of Rockville Centre, NY in December, 2004.


Imported Dutch (KWPN) gelding, 8 yrs, 16.1 hh. Bay.
Shown thru third level in Europe. Great work ethic.
SOLD to Jennifer Hunnsinger of New Hope, PA in September, 2004.


Imported Dutch gelding, 8 yrs., 16.2 hh. Gray.
Shown successfully thru fourth level in Europe.
SOLD to Deborah Grey of Medford, NY in August of 2004.


Imported Dutch Gelding, 6 yrs., 16.3 hh. Bay.
Schooling first level.
SOLD to Jake Stapel off Lafayette, NJ in June, 2004.


Imported Dutch (KWPN) gelding, 13 yrs.
16.1 hh. Dark Bay. Shown thru Fourth level in Holland.
SOLD to Delight Willing of Washington State in March of 2004


Imported Dutch (KWPN) Gelding, 14 yrs., 16.2 hh. Bay.
Shown successfully thru PSG & I1 in both Europe and the US.
SOLD to Mary Piro of Acton, Massachusettes in March, 2004


By Milan
Imported Dutch Gelding, 14 years, 16.1 hh. Bay.
Shown competitevly thru Intermediare I in Europe, schooling Grand Prix.
SOLD to Kate Schuster of Encinatas, California in March of 2004.


Imported Dutch (KWPN) Gelding, 13 yrs., 16.1 hh. Chestnut.
Shown successfully PSG in Europe, schooling Grand Prix.
SOLD to Sarah Cable of Lafayete, NJ in October of 2003.


Imported Dutch (KWPN) gelding, 13 yrs., 16.3 hh., Dark Bay.
Shown competitively thru PSG & Intermediare I in Europe.
Sold to Ann Cook of Wellington, Florida in September, 2003.